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Karrie at Videokard is the professional you want to make you and your business look good when introducing yourself to new clients.  Making a video "business card"  with her was a great experience.  Karrie is calm and organized, so knowledgeable of her profession and has the people skills to make you feel calm and relaxed during a video shoot.  After our initial consultation, she had great insights into helping me better reach my clients.  Her video products are an effective addition to any marketing plan.  Two thumbs up!  

~ Anne Williams, Owner, Mermaids Tattoo


I hired Karrie to do a Videokard to help convey the unique approach I have to practicing law. I gave her complete control and was thrilled with the results. She captured the vibe and tone perfectly. Working with her team the day of the shoot was a breeze. She was organized, her team was professional, and we had fun hanging out for the day. Karrie makes sure you are completely comfortable and calm in front of the camera, so your best face shines forward in the final product. I'd highly recommend Karrie for any small business wanting to show the real you to potential clients.

~ Kiffanie Stahle, Founder, Stahle Law

Honestly, five stars isn't enough.  As an attorney, when I saw Kiffanie S.'s video, I was amazed.  Karrie captured Kiffanie's vibe and tone truly accurately.  Then, working with Karrie and her crew was very easy.  They were very friendly and super professional meeting or beating their deadlines.  Since she finished my video, I've received numerous compliments and requests to link to it.  I'm so happy I hired her, and I look forward to continuing to work with her!

~ Jason Putnam Gordon, Founder, Putnam Gordon, P.C.


I am a local accessories designer and approached Karrie to create a Videokard for my business to be used as an addition to my website, but also as a short and concise character profile to be included in my designer submissions to my retail and wholesale clients.  I wanted my customers to get a sense of what goes on in my studio. I only hire people I trust completely  and Karrie was no exception.  I felt that she just got it.  Immediately.  I do not have experience on film and Karrie made me feel perfectly relaxed and at ease about the project.  I had no doubt, even from the very beginning that the final result would turn out great.  My favorite thing about working with Karrie is that she really took the time to get to know my business.  She highlighted things that I was not even aware would be interesting to potential customers. I gave Karrie complete creative control, and she returned the favor with a video that captures all the things I love about being a designer.  The response to my Vidoekard has been great.  My customers love it and it has provided a unique and eye catching perspective of my work.  Working with Karrie was a wonderful experience.  I can't wait to do it again!

~ Lisa Anderson Shaffer, Founder, Zelma Rose Handmade Goods


Karrie, Karrie, Karrie! We cannot say enough good things about Karrie. We loved our holiday Videokard which Karrie made for us. Our families viewed it and said it was Oscar-worthy as a short film. No, seriously.  I don't know how she did it, but she made us laugh and cry in the span of 3 minutes.

We felt at ease and very natural with Karrie. She thought of everything, even brought us coffee in the morning! Karrie is so professional and most importantly warm and fun to be around. Karrie emailed us prep questions and was responsive to our millions of questions about song selection and B roll...and "would you please leave out the part where I sing?"

We also loved her crew - Wayne is the best!!  You will not regret working with Karrie and the Videokard crew. Lovely service, lovely end product...and lovely people!

~ Thi Nguyen, The Nguyen Family

Karrie is fantastic and I love the video she did for me.  I trust her taste and judgment implicitly, not only because of her videos, but because of her presence, demeanor, advice, the preparation that she did with me before the video, recommendations, feedback, and her marketing background.   With every step, she went above and beyond.  For example, I did not have to worry about writing the video content.  She interviewed me so that the content did not seem staged.  But also prepared me beforehand so that she could get to know my work and I could focus on who my audience would be and what I wanted to get across to them.  When she discovered that my office was too loud for the interview portion of the video, she gave suggestions for other locales, and even went there personally to make sure they would work.  The video-making process also helped learn how to market myself.  I got to see my practice from another person's perspective, and her feedback about my stories, and even appearance (wear color!) was great.  I'm the type of person who likes to hire an expert and let them guide me.  Karrie is an expert at what she does and made the video-making process easy.

~ Grace Alano, Founder, The Law Offices of Grace R. Alano

I run a small business consulting service with my business partner and we hired Karrie to shoot a video that would introduce us and our differing styles to potential clients. She asked tons of great questions to get a sense of what was most important for us to communicate, but also to familiarize herself with our business so that she could do what she does best, tell our story. She is very calming and put us both at ease on the day of shoot.

When it came time to edit she worked really hard to overcome an annoying background noise on our original shooting day. When she just couldn't make it work the way she wanted, she scheduled a pick up shoot to get the sound better at no extra cost to me. 

Karrie goes above and beyond to make her clients happy and give you the best product she can. You're in good hands with VideoKard.

~ Genevieve Brazelton, Co-Founder, LightboxSF

I'm a professional photographer located in San Francisco and I hired Karrie to do a Videokard for my business. I'd seen her work on WIllo Tunes and knew that she'd be able to capture me perfectly. Karrie is able to communicate very clearly with her clients and the more you trust her to create a piece of video art for you, the better it will turn out. I gave her complete creative control, except for what photos she used, and I am elated with the final result. Karrie is a very calming presence and it is important when shooting a video because wow, I was so nervous going into the shoot. I always knew what we were doing, how long it would take and I knew that I was in good hands the entire time. I give this business and Karrie the highest rating I can because she really knows what she is doing and you will be so happy with the final result. I love my Videokard because my clients will get an idea of what it is like to work with me before we even meet, which is important because having your photo taken can be a nerve wracking experience. Karrie captured me 100% and again, I highly, highly recommend working with her!

~ Sarah Deragon, Owner, Portraits to the People


We hired Karrie to create a Videokard for our small business and she spent extra time with me before the shoot to help put me at ease in front of the camera. I struggle with being comfortable being photographed so you can imagine how I felt about being filmed! Karrie was amazing, asking me all the right questions, explaining things along the way to help me understand the process and giving me advice on how to look more comfortable. She was so calming, compassionate and patient. The experience alone inspired me to look into more opportunities to practice speaking on film. Thanks Karrie for all your hard work and understanding!

~ Shelly Kerry, Co-Founder, LightboxSF